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Ducks And Geese On Your Dock – Eliminating The Problem Humanely

Ducks and geese can be fun to watch from afar, but when it comes to those feathered pests taking over your dock, they are no fun at all. The mess that they leave behind is not only disgusting to look at, but it can also put your health at risk. These droppings can cause illnesses and infections that can cause serious ailments, like histoplasmosis and salmonella.

Keeping the ducks and geese off of your dock can be a battle, but it is a battle that can be won.

Eliminate the Problem

Elimination does not mean killing the animals. You want to humanely keep them from making your dock their favorite hang-out.

Netting or Fencing – This is a very effective method of keeping the ducks and geese off of your dock, but it can also make the dock less usable.

Plastic Decoys – Think about all of the predators in your area that like to dine on ducks and geese. Owls love a nice duck dinner, so maybe buy a plastic owl decoy and place it where the ducks and geese can see it.

Electronic Repelling Unit – This device sends out sounds that will cause the ducks and geese to become disoriented. Although not cheap, these devices are probably the easiest, most effective and least intrusive method of keeping the ducks and geese away.

Clean the Mess

Now to clean up the mess that the ducks and geese have left behind. Put on some gloves, safety glasses and a paper respiratory mask. You don't want to breathe in the spores that will become airborne as you begin cleaning up the feces the birds have left behind.

Carefully select cleaning products for the dock. You don't want to introduce toxins into the water as you clean the dock. Dawn dish soap is the safest product to use and it is very effective in getting the dock clean.

Mix some water with the dish soap in a bucket and use a deck brush to scrub the droppings away. If the droppings have been baking in the sun for a while, you will likely have to go over the dock a few times before all of the residue is washed away.

You can win the battle of the dock against the ducks and geese. If you still have problems with ducks and geese on your dock, talk with your local professionals to learn what else can be done to keep them away. If you have other questions or need your dock replaced, contact a dock builder like TR ALUMINUM DESIGNS.