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Tips When Constructing Rock Walls Around A Property

Having rock walls around your landscaping is great for different practical reasons, and these include combating erosion and keeping water away from a driveway. If you plan on having rock walls built around your home, these precautions will get you in good shape.

Look Into Coding

There are some homeowners that are excited to start this rock wall building process, so much so to where they forget to look into coding for said structures. You want to avoid doing this, as it could cause you to run into some financial hurdles like fines.

So that you know you're doing everything according to code, see what your city's building regulations are like for rock walls. There may be specific zoning laws you have to abide by as well as permits you have to get before building can even commence. Knowing what these codes are ahead of the build ensures you don't run into stressful legal obstacles. 

Try to Make it Level

Functionally and aesthetically, it's very important that this rock wall is level throughout its entirety. You'll want to carefully measure the base where the initial rocks will be installed. Take your time doing this.

You don't want to speed through everything and then get too far in this process before noticing that the rock walls are not clearly aligned. You can also use a mason's line to ensure the rock wall is level across the entire section for added reassurance before you begin building.

Select a Stone Style

Although this rock wall will be serving a mostly practical purpose, you probably still care about what it looks like. You want to get something that you'll enjoy looking at every day and something that makes your property's curb appeal all the better.

Spend time reviewing the various stone styles, possibly even shopping in person. You can then closely examine the colors, textures, and other details for an extended period of time.

You want might to think about the other elements in your yard so that after the rock wall is set up, you have a cohesive landscaping design.

You'll often see rock walls on properties that need better management of the flow of water during heavy rains. If you're having water flow on your property, then a rock wall can be a great solution. Approach the installation of your rock walls with a purpose in mind, so that you're satisfied with how the end results turn out.