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How To Decorate Commercial Fencing For Various Holidays

Businesses that showcase holiday spirit all throughout the year can help bring some fun and liveliness to employees that come to work everyday. Instead of showcasing plain, large commercial fencing, the designs can be easily decorated to represent a variety of holidays. Adding these small touches is an easy process and each method features easy to install elements that will not damage the fencing or cause any safety concerns for the business or employees.

Browse through the various holidays and see how different decorations can be added to the City Fence around your business.


Add some spooky fun to your business with various Halloween decorations. Traditional decorations like real pumpkins could possibly damage the fencing with the acids and natural decay, so there are multiple alternatives that feature the trademark designs and colors of the holiday.

  • Fake Spider Webbing: Run fake spiderwebs across the fencing. The separate bars on the fencing makes it easy to stretch out the web and make a complete design. When the holiday has passed, the web can easily be pulled up and removed from the fencing.
  • Paper Lanterns: Instead of a Jack O'Lantern, it's easy to stick paper lanterns on the posts of the fencing. The lanterns will stay secure and make great toppers for the fencing. Along with pumpkin designs, you can purchase paper lanterns that feature bats, witches, and skulls. This alternative works because adding decorations with metal clips could scratch fences while applying things like duct tape could leave adhesive glue and markings on the fence.

Patriotic Holidays

Show some Canadian patriotism during various celebrations with some simple decorations. If your business has a flag pole, the following decorations will match with the waving national flag nicely.

  • Pleated Fan Flags: A pleated Canadian flag is a half circle flag with national designs on them. These flags are ideal for hanging off of porches or fences. By purchasing three to five different flags, you can create a nice uniform pattern across your fencing. Flags like this are also ideal for other holidays like National Canadian Flag Day and National Patriots Day. The flags can tie with a rope to the fence and prevent any damage from occurring.
  • Mini Flags: Attach a mini flag to the top of every bar on the fence. This designs will look great when they are all in a row and can create a cool effect when all of the flags are waving in the wind. Plastic covers make it easy to just slip on the flag without having to place adhesive directly on the fence.

Winter Holidays

For holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are a variety of designs to implement that will showcase the holiday spirit without damaging the fencing.

  • Magnetic Lights: Instead of using clips, tape, other connectors that can cause damage, you can find a variety of magnetic lights to showcase some holiday spirit. The lights will easily connect to the fencing, speeding up the installation and removal of the lights.
  • Solar Panel Lights: Along with magnetic lights, you can choose a power source that relies on solar power. This will save on your company's energy bill and also support green energy at the same time. This also prevents you from having to run power cords long distances.
  • Fence Toppers: Along with paper lanterns, there are a variety of fence toppers you can implement for the winter holidays. This includes small snowmen, turkey, or Christmas tree decorations. These toppers can go on each pole of the fence or just the ends to add a subtle decoration touch.

Company Celebrations

Personalize the celebrations at your company. This includes employee anniversaries, company anniversaries, or special events where normal decorations cannot be found. The easiest way to decorate fences for these celebrations is with custom banners. A custom printed banner can feature text, images, and your company logo. For example, a banner could read "ABC Industries Salutes Our Troops on Veteran's Day!" or "Bill's Electrics Celebrates 25 Years Going Strong!"

Depending on the banner, it can easily be reused year after year. When you purchase a high-quality vinyl banner, the material can last for multiple years and through all types of weather. By simply tying the banner to the fence, no damage will occur.

Test out different decorations and designs when setting them up for your commercial fences.