4 Reasons You Should Resurface Your Company's Pool

Pools often attract crowds. This can be great for your business, but over time, frequent visits can wear down the surface of your pool deck or splash pad. Whether you manage a public pool in your city, run a gym, or have a hotel with a pool, here are four reasons to consider commercial pool deck resurfacing.  1) Resurfacing helps keep your pool looking its best A fresh, new surface can make a big difference in the appearance of your pool and deck area.

Signs You Need Frameless Shower Door Repair Service

If you have used your frameless shower door for several years, it may show signs of wear. Being keen and noticing issues that can be repaired to restore the integrity of the door will minimize the need for a replacement. This is particularly true if the damage is still minimal. Here are signs that it's time to repair the shower door. You're Seeing Physical Damage Any minor damage you spot on your frameless shower door weakens the glass.

Why You Should Always Use a Residential Concrete Contractor

Whether you are thinking about having your old concrete patio replaced or you need a new sidewalk leading to your front porch, you will want to hire a residential concrete contractor for the job. Even if you have messed around with concrete here and there in the past, when it comes to a concrete project for your home, you will want professional assistance. To help you understand why you will want to read through the following: