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2 Ways To Fix Fluctuating Water Problems In Your Shower

Does the water in your shower get ice cold or burning hot when someone in your home flushes the toilet or runs water in a sink? If so, this problem is likely because you live in an older home that does not contain pressurized temperature control valves. This problem is quite normal, but it can be a nuisance and a major problem. There are two ways to solve this problem, and you can hire a plumber to complete either of these.

Install a Shower Mixing Valve

The first way to solve this problem is by installing a shower mixing valve. New homes always contain these valves today, but they were not used years ago. A shower mixing valve serves a vital role when you shower, and this role is to keep the water temperature consistent when it is running.

Without this valve, you may notice that the water gets ice cold if someone runs hot water elsewhere in the house. This happens because the other faucet is pulling the hot water from the system, and this causes the shower to get less hot water.

The other problem you may notice is that the water gets scalding hot at times. This happens when someone uses cold water elsewhere because the shower is not getting the right amount of cold water needed to have a comfortable shower.

When a shower has a mixing valve, the valve keeps the water an even temperature throughout an entire shower. The valve senses when other water in a home is being used, and it adjusts the amount of hot or cold water as needed. The end result is a shower with an even water temperature the entire time.

The only downside to this solution is that it affects the water pressure in the shower. If the valve has to slow down the amount of hot water entering the line, it will cause the water pressure in the shower to decrease noticeably in many cases. If you want to avoid this, you could look into the second method for solving this problem.

Install an Instantaneous Hot Water Heater

The second method you can try is installing an instantaneous hot water. This is a small water heater that does not contain a tank, and that is why these are often called tankless how water heaters.

Instantaneous hot water heaters work well for one room in a home or for an entire house, but they are often used when space is limited. This is because they are very small and do not take up a lot of space. This is also a reason they can be used to fix the problem you have with your shower.

When you install a tankless system in your bathroom, your shower will be the only thing pulling hot water from the device. The shower will no longer tap into your existing hot water heater tank because it draws hot water from a different source. Because of this, you will no longer have to worry about fluctuating water temperatures when you take a shower. The temperature will be even and will not change when other water is used.

Both methods can take time to complete in a home because you must access the water pipes running to the shower. If you are good with plumbing projects, you might be able to complete the work yourself if you purchase all the right supplies.

If you prefer hiring this out, contact a plumbing company like Aaron & Son. Talk to them about these options to find out which is better for your home, and let the plumbers do the work for you.