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4 Ways To Enhance The Curb Appeal And Interior Aesthetics Of Your Manufactured Home

Investing in a manufactured home can provide you with an eco-friendly, energy-efficient and affordable alternative to purchasing a traditionally-built home. However, if you are wary of buying a prefab home because you do not want a cookie-cutter house that is indistinguishable from rows of other mobile homes, there are many ways to customize the structure. The following guide provides you with tips on how to increase the curb appeal of your prefab house and make it a more a distinct and unique dwelling.

Build a Closed-in Garage

While it is common to see prefab homes with open carports or driveways made of concrete, you do not have to settle for leaving your vehicles vulnerable to the elements. You can ask a builder to add a garage space to the initial architectural plans for your home or hire a contractor to build a garage extension after you move in.

You can choose from a free-standing garage or one that is attached to your home. A contractor can match the roof pitch, materials, trim and paint to your existing home.

If you are interested in adding an attached garage, make sure to hire a contractor that specializes in manufactured homes. You want to make sure that an attached garage does not put too much stress and load on your home.

In addition, a contractor may have to build steps from the garage to the entrance of the home if the house is elevated.

Attach a Porch

Adding a well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing porch is one of easiest ways to enhance the beauty of a prefab home. In addition to extending your living space and protecting your front door from the elements, a porch can completely change the look of the front of your prefab house while add value to your property.

The design options for a front porch include a sweeping veranda with railings and steps or a screened-in area that you can enjoy even when there is pouring rain outside.

Other aesthetic touches include adding stone or lattice borders at the bottom of the porch, decorative roof paneling and a wide staircase that can make the porch appear larger.

Invest in Quality Siding

The condition and quality of the siding on your prefab home affects the overall appearance of your property. While vinyl siding is commonplace among in mobile home communities, you do not have to confine yourself to that material.

Siding options for manufactured homes include aluminum, stone and different types of wood, such as cedar. When you invest in premium siding, your home will be better protected against moisture and inclement weather.

Furthermore, in addition to looking great, some types of premium siding can increase the energy efficiency of your prefab house.

If you have an existing home with damaged vinyl siding, you should replace the defective material as soon as possible. Damaged siding makes your home vulnerable to mold, bacteria and tiny pests that can infest the interior of your house.

Upgrade the Interior Walls and Lighting

Some manufactured homes have vinyl walls with fake wood paneling and plastic coating. However, you do not have to be stuck with the run-of-the-mill walls that come with some prefab houses. Ways to customize the walls include:

  • Adding texture to walls with drywall joint compound
  • Covering the vinyl with wallpaper, fabric or tiles
  • Asking a contractor to install sheet rock walls if local building codes allow that material in mobile homes

If you purchase a single-wide home and want to give the interior the illusion of more space, you can accomplish this task with ample recessed ceiling lights. These unobtrusive fixtures are great for highlighting room features and focal points, creating a streamlined look and complementing the natural light from windows.

You can hire a contractor to add the lights to an existing home or take on installing the recessed fixtures yourself as a DIY project.