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4 Luxurious Upgrades To Consider For Your New Bathroom

When it comes to remodeling your house, there is what is considered the bread and butter rooms: your bathroom, your kitchen and your living room. These are the rooms that are most often considered viable for remodeling due to their public nature. You're going to have more guests in these rooms than any other room. When it comes to adding luxury to your rooms, perhaps the last room you would think of making "fancy" is your bathroom; but, think of all the luxurious upgrades you can do to your bathroom! Having trouble thinking of a few? Don't worry. This brief article will inform you of 5 luxurious upgrades to consider for your new bathroom.

Heated Floors

When it comes to luxury, look no further than heated floors. In those cold winter months, heated floors can considerably add to the comfort of your home by ensuring that you're not a freezing icicle at the end of your shower or during a trip to the bathroom. Heated floors are both easy to use and relatively affordable to install. Heating floors can cost as low as $6 per square foot to install. A thermostat and timer are generally included as well, as you can adjust the temperature of your floors and set specific times for your floors to receive heat.


Although not quite so popular in North America, bidets are popular the world over, especially in Europe and Asia, and particularly in France and Japan. They are also found in higher scale businesses and restaurants throughout North America. A bidet is essentially a toilet that gives you the added benefit of washing your bottom after a trip to the toilet. A number of bidets, especially higher end models, also have a number of features to vary your wash. These variations may include the strength of the stream that washes you, the heat of the cleansing water, as well as the direction and locality of the stream.

Jetted Tub

A jetted tub is an upgrade to your bathroom that takes something as mundane as the process of washing yourself and turns it into a phenomenon that is relaxing, hygienic, and not to mention as fun as possible. A jetted tub is one of the ultimate upgrades you can make to your bathroom in order to ensure that it is a true room of luxury. A jetted tub essentially functions much like a regular tub does, but with jets installed to make your tub act as a miniature jacuzzi. The jets function to give you a supreme sense of relaxation and some jets can even be installed that have a massaging function, as well. When it comes to luxury, it's hard to do much better than a jetted tub.

Steam Shower

Right up there with a jetted tub is a steam shower. A steam shower's price ranges greatly depending on whether you opt for a full installation package, including the unit itself, or not. A steam shower is, as it sounds like, an enclosed area that generates a shower that produces steam rather than jets and sprays of water. The areas are generally enclosed as steam can damage other areas of your bathroom, including wallpaper and drywall. Many steam showers also have a variety of extra features added to enhance your experience, including radios, MP3 players and foot massage functions.

Luxurious bathrooms can truly add to the experience of your home. These upgrades range from the relatively inexpensive to the lavish and pricey. When it comes to bathroom renovations from the mundane to the extraordinary, hopefully you've taken these 4 potential installations to heart.