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4 Signs it's Time to Remove Your Tree

If you want your lawn to look beautiful, them you can add trees to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your property. However, there are many times when the tree you once thought was beautifying your lawn is only serving to rob you of your property value and its time for the tree to go. There are many signs that it is time to remove a tree from your lawn.

The Tree Is Dead or Dying

This sign should come as an obvious one; if your tree is dead or in the process of dying, it's simply time to remove it. You can tell a tree is dying as its colors fade, leaves stop growing altogether and it begins to dry out, becoming brittle and frail looking.

Dead trees are far more likely to break or decompose than the other trees in your yard that are full of life. They are also generally considered a total eyesore and may serve as an embarrassment to you, your family and even your neighbors. If your tree is dead, then it is recommended that you do the responsible thing and call in a professional to remove the tree, roots and all.

The Tree Has Become Overgrown

If your tree has become messy or overgrown, then that might be another sign that it is ripe for removal. Examples of messiness are that the tree is dripping excessive sap, which can cause a mess for your lawn or even the neighbors and an example of a tree becoming overgrown is that the branches block some of your prime viewing spots from your window or from the road to your house, which can severely limit the overall value and curb appeal of your home. As an alternative to these cases, you can prune it, but it continues to be a problem, then it is highly recommended that you call in a professional to remove the tree.

The Tree Is Leaning

There are numerous reasons that a tree might begin to lean or bend towards the ground. These reasons include old age, soil erosion, wind and a series of other factors. Some leaning trees can be quite beautiful—it is preferred in trees such as the willow, for example—but in most cases it can pose a serious problem and can ultimately become quite the eyesore for you and your neighborhood. Leaning trees do not have any wherewithal about where they lean, unfortunately, so you might find yourself with a tree leaning right into a wall of your house, your shed, or your swimming pool.

The Tree Has Wild Roots

One of the most unfortunate problems surrounding trees that otherwise look quite beautiful are wild or gnarled roots. There is sadly little one can do about such a problem other than removing the entirety of the tree. Gnarled roots can be in the service of committing themselves to doing severe damage to your lawn, uprooting other shrubberies and smaller trees and damaging your soil beyond repair. Such roots can also damage your home, as well. Roots that grow wild can cause serious damage to foundation and integrity of your house and can break and snap plumbing and pipes with relative ease.

Trees can serve as an aesthetic improvement to your lawn and home. Unfortunately, they can also serve as an eyesore and a total blemish on an otherwise lovely piece of property. It's important to know when you can remove a tree to increase the value and aesthetic integrity of your household. For more tips or assistance, you can always contact companies like All Season Tree Service to learn more.