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Common Slate Roofing Myths

There are a great number of different materials that you can use to cover your roof. While you may assume that you will not need to know about these materials unless you plan on building a home, it is a fact that every home's roof will eventually need to be replaced, which makes it essential to know about the various materials that you can choose to have installed when it comes time to replace your roof.  

Myth: Slate Roofing Is Always Made Of Stone

There is a common assumption among some homeowners that slate shingles are only available in natural stone. However, there are metal slate shingles that you can choose to have installed. These shingles are composed of specially textured aluminium, and they will strongly resemble natural slate shingles.

Myth: Any Roof Can Be A Candidate For Metal Slate Shingles

A key limitation that can come from having natural slate shingles is that the roof of your home may not be strong enough to support the immense weight of these stones. While it is often still possible to install these shingles by reinforcing and modifying the roof, metal slate shingles are much lighter, and this will make these shingles a suitable option for almost any roof.

Myth: Metal Slate Shingles Are Not As Durable As Stone

Another frequent belief about metal slate shingles is that they will not be as durable as ones that are made of natural stone. In particular, homeowners will often worry about these shingles turning a red color due to corrosion. However, metal slate shingles are not prone to corrosion due to the materials used in them along with a powder coating that will prevent moisture from coming into contact with the metal. In fact, natural slate shingles may be more prone to weathering as a result of moisture seeping into small pores in the surface of this stone.

Slate shingles are a type of roofing that many homeowners will find appealing. While this type of roofing material is commonly used, there are many homeowners that believe man misconceptions about using this option when replacing the roof. If you are informed that metal slate roofing will closely resemble natural stone, that this type of roofing will be much lighter than natural stone and the fact that it will be a durable option, should help you with weighing whether you should invest in upgrading to this type of roof when it is time to replace your home's current roof. Check with a roofing company like Click Lock Roofing for more information.