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Want A Home Gym? Talk To Your Remodeling Contractor About These Things

Whether you enjoy staying in shape or you're eager to transform your physical fitness in order to improve your health, a gym can be the answer. However, if you're short on time, it may be a challenge to visit a local gym several times a week. A simple solution is to work out at home, and a logical place for your workouts is the basement. While you can do something as basic as set up some equipment and weights in one corner of the basement, another idea is to hire a remodeling contractor to convert part of this space into a gym-like environment. If this project appeals to you, here are some things to speak to your contractor about.


The flooring that you currently have in the part of your basement that you intend to use as a home gym may not be suitable. If the basement is unfinished, the concrete floor will be too hard on your joints. If the floor has carpet, it may absorb sweat and become smelly. Talk to your remodeling contractor about some useful flooring options. Laminate flooring is often a good choice. It's softer under your feet than concrete, and is easy to clean when it gets wet with sweat. Additionally, it's fairly rugged, which means that it shouldn't get damaged if you occasionally drop a weight on it.


It's ideal to work out in front of a large mirror, as you'll be able to monitor your form and ensure that you're using the proper workout mechanics. While the average homeowner might be able to hang a mirror in the bedroom, covering much of a wall with several large mirror panels is a job best left to a professional. The weight of the mirrors means that much attention has to be put on securing them to the walls. Your contractor can measure the wall and get mirrored glass cut to size in order to give the space a true gym-like feel.


One of the best ways to pass the time while you're working out at home is watching TV. Get help from your remodeling contractor in either regard. He or she can not only install a wall-mount bracket for you, but also run TV cable through the walls if there's no cable jack nearby. Additionally, the contractor can install a surround-sound system to give you an ideal environment for keeping yourself entertained while you're staying active.

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