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Ideas For Having A Panic Room Built In Your Basement

One way that you can feel safer at home is to have a panic room installed in your basement. In the event that a home invasion occurs, you can gather your family, flee to this area, and be protected from whoever has gained entry to the residence. When it comes to setting up a panic room, many homeowners think about what they'll store in the space — a charged phone, flashlights, food, and even weapons might be on your list of things to keep in your panic room. It's also important to consider the room itself. It's sensible to convert an existing basement room into a panic room, but you'll want to hire a general contractor for the work. Here are some ideas to discuss.

Door Reinforcement

In most cases, the easiest way into a room is through the door — especially if the door is a typical interior door that doesn't provide much integrity. You'll want your general contractor to replace the door with an exterior door made of wood or metal. Other upgrades around the door will further make access to the room difficult or impossible. For example, exterior heavy-duty hinges with long screws, an upgraded deadbolt, and reinforcements to the strike plate will prevent someone from breaking down the door, even with a foot or a sledgehammer.

Wall Reinforcement

When the door to your panic room is impenetrable, someone may attempt to gain access to the room in order to harm you or your family members through the wall. The average drywall wall can easily be smashed in a matter of seconds, so your general contractor will need to reinforce the entire surface of each of the outward-facing walls. Doing so is possible in different ways, including mounting plywood or sheets of metal to the wall studs with heavy screws.

Peep Holes

While you're in the panic room, you want to be able to see what's happening outside of it. To this end, one or more peep holes can be highly useful. Your general contractor can install one in the door and perhaps one in the wall where it might not be noticed. The presence of the peep holes will allow you to see out, but won't let any intruders see into the panic room. If you summon the authorities and hear them talking outside the room, you'll be able to ensure that what you hear is indeed the police, not people pretending to be the police.

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