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Are You Filling Your Septic Tank With Too Much Water? How Excessive Water Can Cause Failure

Excessive water in your septic tank system can cause failure. It's one of those things many people don't consider or understand. How could water harm something designed to move and store water? Here's what you need to know about how excessive water can harm your septic system, as well as how to look out for signs of it happening:

What Too Much Water Does to Your Septic Tank

As you use water, it flows through your plumbing system and enters your septic tank. From there, it slowly moves out and into your drain field. When the tank becomes overfull from water, it will saturate your drain field. Once that happens, water will no longer have anywhere to go.

Without an outlet for the water, it will start to back into the tank, and then into your pipes. Eventually, it can start to back into your home.

The closer the water gets to your home, the more symptoms you will start to notice. Usually, water will drain more and more slowly. You may also start to notice bad smells coming from your drains.

How Too Much Water Gets into Your Septic System

It's very easy to overflow your septic system. All it really takes is a change in the water usage in your home. For example, adding a new appliance such as a dishwasher or washing machine may upset the balance in your septic tank.

If a new person comes to live in your home, it will affect water usage. It's possible the size of your septic tank isn't adequate for these types of additions.

Even a rare activity, such as a party or large gathering, can push your septic tank to its limits. Another sign your septic tank is taking on too much water comes with having it pumped too frequently. If you need your septic tank pumped multiple times in a year, or even two years, there's a chance you're overworking it.

What You Can Do about Too Much Water in Your Septic Tank

Usually, you can solve this problem by upgrading to a septic tank that can handle your home's water usage. If a new tank and installation are outside your current budget, there are a few things you can try in the meantime.

Many of the things you can do will fall under the category of using less water. It's often easier said than done, but it's possible to cut water usage in several ways.

  • Take more quick showers and fewer baths
  • Make sure no faucets or fixtures are leaking
  • Install low-flow showerheads and fixtures

Stay proactive on your water usage. Do some research on what more you can do. There are online resources dedicated to cutting back on the amount of water a household uses. Not only will this help your septic tank operate as it should, it will also help you save money on various utility costs.

If you've already reached the point of failure for your septic tank or septic system, then call a septic system repair service immediately. Make sure to ask how you can prevent a failure of your septic system from happening again in the future. Contact a company like aquamatic septic systems & wastewater controls inc for more information and assistance.