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Three Reasons Why A Solar Panel Pool Heater Is Worth The Expense (Especially In Canada)

Pools are often heated up to a comfortable temperature via gas or electricity. They use the same technology a Jacuzzi spa uses to stay warm. However, these heating options are not always available, nor are they economical by any means. In fact, if you want a heated pool, it costs a lot of money to keep that pool heated via electric or gas heat. On the other hand, if you wanted to give it a go, you could try a solar panel pool heater, provided by pool contractors and solar panel pool heater suppliers. Here are three reasons why this pool heater is worth the expense, especially in Canada.

Your Pool Stays Warm All Year

It could be negative five degrees Celsius outside, but the heat coming off your pool will roll like a fog off of a lake. Not only is this an inviting sight, but your pool will feel amazing if you have the courage to take a morning dip in the warm water. In the summer months, you can adjust how warm you want it so that the pool is just temperate; neither too cold nor too warm.

Heating with Solar Energy in Canada Is Ideal

Many Canadians tend to reside in remote areas where producing just enough electricity to cook and light their homes is a challenge. Warming a pool would take multiple generators and quite a bit of ingenuity to make such a feat possible. This is why so many people use solar energy in this country. It is cheap, easy to accumulate and use, and requires no generators. When you want to heat a pool on top of providing energy for your home, it really is not that big of a deal because it is akin to adding one extra appliance to the house that the solar panels have to fuel.

You Can Have a Heated Pool in Toronto or in the Yukon—It Does Not Matter

Solar energy is available anywhere the sun shines. Many parts of Canada get extended daylight hours during parts of the winter, providing ample sunlight to solar panels. Excess energy is stored and used as needed, which means that you can have your heated pool virtually anywhere you choose to live. Do you live in the city in Toronto? You can have a heated pool with solar energy. Or, perhaps you live in the lower Yukon. Guess what? You can have a heated pool there, too—just be careful that the bears do not decide to join you for a toasty swim!