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The Options To Renovate Your Kitchen With Cabinet Refacing Services

If your kitchen looks outdated but has a good cabinet layout, there are options for refacing that you may want to consider. The cabinet refacing solutions will help change the appearance of your kitchen without starting a huge remodeling project. The following cabinet refacing options are some of the solutions you will want to consider to makeover the look of your kitchen:

  • Contrasting Colors for Modern Style—The refacing project can be a combination of colors to help create contrast in your kitchen design. To create the contrasting color tones, remove doors and faces from the cabinets, and then paint the unit one color. Replace the doors and finish them or paint them with a contrasting color. This will create a modern look for the new design of your kitchen.
  • Adding an Attractive Wood Finish—Woodgrain finishes are an excellent option for cabinet refacing. Wood finishes are a great way to change the look of cabinets. If the units have damaged wood, it can be replaced and refinished. If the cabinets are older solid wood materials, they can be sanded and refinished. Veneer materials are often used to reface cabinet units with a new wood grain finish.
  • Changing the Hardware—The hardware is another area where you are going to want to start thinking about improvements. First, you may want to install new, modern hardware on the cabinets after they have been refaced. Another option when refacing cabinetry is to completely remove the hardware and make it hidden for a cleaner design in your kitchen. The doors can be renovated to work without conventional hardware like handles, and the new hinges that are installed can be hidden out of sight.
  • Cabinet Door Design Changes—Doors of the cabinetry that is being refaced can also have their design changed. Some areas of your kitchen can benefit from using glass features on the doors, which help give the space a more open feeling. Remove the doors and reface the cabinets for open shelving in your kitchen design. If you are replacing some of the doors, they can have different design features, such as molding or decorative details.

These are the cabinet refacing solutions that you will want to consider to makeover the look of your kitchen. If you are ready to change the outdated appearance in your kitchen, contact a cabinet refacing service, like 180Kitchens, and talk to them about some of these options for a new look.