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Signs You Need Frameless Shower Door Repair Service

If you have used your frameless shower door for several years, it may show signs of wear. Being keen and noticing issues that can be repaired to restore the integrity of the door will minimize the need for a replacement. This is particularly true if the damage is still minimal. Here are signs that it's time to repair the shower door.

You're Seeing Physical Damage

Any minor damage you spot on your frameless shower door weakens the glass. The glass might stay intact for a while, but it will not last long. Often, damage signifies that you need a new one soon, but this doesn't mean you cannot get repairs done. Get a glass specialist to determine if repairs can fix the problem.

For instance, repairing cracks will ensure they don't widen and spread due to temperature fluctuations or exposure to elements like water and dust. So, whenever you see some cracks, scratches, pits, and chips on the glass or rust markings around the clamps or hinges, get an expert to repair the door before it loses its integrity and strength.

You Can't Operate the Door Smoothly

Every time you close or open a shower door, it should function smoothly. If you suddenly notice that it is working differently, you might have an issue. For instance, if the door is sagging down, it will drag or scrape the floor when you close or open it. 

Hoisting it up slightly to get it to work correctly for an extended period isn't recommended, so get an expert to repair it. Also, seek expert help if the door is making unusual noises when the door turns on its hinges.

You Can Spot Leaks

A shower glass door should ensure water doesn't leak out. When you realize water is leaking, you may have issues around the seals. The glass door seals can bend and warp, making it difficult to keep water within the shower enclosure. 

Choosing to ignore this problem will not only cause bathroom maintenance challenges and fall risks but also lead to water damage issues. Moreover, replacing the seals on your own won't be easy, so call your glass specialist to diagnose and fix the seal problems.

Your Glass Door Has Scratches

Noticing scratches on your glass shower door might seem harmless, but it will make the cleaning process difficult and interfere with the general appearance of the door. When you see scratches, call a glass expert to fill and buff them. Don't try to DIY because you might damage the door further.

For additional help or information, contact a residential glass repair service in your area.